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Musicians, actors, performers, canvas artists, stained glass artists, those who work with children and those who work with corporations, those who have online shops and those who invite you to buy a ticket and take part in a live performance ... we enjoy working with creative people.

Winding Oak is proud to work with artists on website and print design (including CD covers and album liners, sales placards for Renaissance Festival shops, and posters for exhibits) and marketing.

Invite Winding Oak to talk with you about how to represent your artistic work to your audience, buyers, exhibition attendees ... a website is your home base, where information about you is always available and up-to-date.

Takeaway print pieces are helpful for those who aren’t impulse buyers.

Social media? What will be most effective? Let’s talk!

Babies Love Books Bill Harley Storyteller
babies love books bill harley storyteller
Bringing History Alive for Kids coming to age
bringing history alive for kids coming to age
Greta Grosch Heidi Haavan Grosch
greta grosch heidi håvan grosch
Patrick Ball Krista Betcher
patrick ball krista betcher
Looney Lutherans Red Wagon Books
looney lutherans sara qualey
Tales in History Sharon Oard Warner
tales in history sharon oard warner
Peg Helminski  
peg helminski  
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